The HACA commemorates International Women's Day


The Social Welfare Association (SWA) of the HACA organized on Friday 24th March 2017 a ceremony for international women’s day.

Every year, The HACA honors the women, reiterates its conviction and affirms its awareness of the necessity to preserve values of male-female equality, both within and outside the institution. This event was attended by Ms. Amina Lemrini El Ouahabi, President of the High Authority, Ms. Khadija El Gour, Member of the Higher Council of the Audiovisual Communication and Mr. Zoubir Meziane, President of the SWA, and all the staff of the HACA, men and women.

 In her introduction, Ms. Amina Lemrini El Ouahabi recalled that this commemoration is not only a symbolic ritual, but also, and above all a commitment of the HACA to promote the culture of equality between men and women, in and through the audiovisual media, as well as the fight against gender-based stereotypes.


Underlying that 2016 represented the end of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the beginning of new resolutions called “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs) for 2030, Ms. Lemrini pointed out that despite this transition, the fifth Goal on gender equality has been maintained. The President also insisted on the democratization process, promoted by HM King Mohammed VI, and stressed the achievements of Morocco in terms of promoting women rights and gender equality, particularly through the promulgation of laws that consolidate woman’s role in the society, and the guidelines adopted in this regard for the improvement of woman’s representativeness in legislative institution.

Moreover, the president evoked the memorandum of understanding concluded between the HACA in one side, and UN-Women and UNESCO on the other, and stated that this convention is an appropriate instrument to assert the role of the HACA as a Regulator. “We are fully predisposed to share, with our partners, the substantial experience that we’ve acquired throughout our journey”, said she.


For her part, Ms. El Gour warmly thanked all women working at the High Authority, and emphasized the role of the latter for the promotion of values of equality. She also noted that the HACA became an inspiring example for the protection of women rights, particularly thanks to its eminent role and its remarkable work for the promotion of the culture of equality in and through the media, as well as the fight against all kinds of discrimination and stereotypes, which are detrimental to the dignity of women.

As for Mr. Abdeljalil El Hammoumi, Deputy Director General, the gender combat doesn’t concern only woman, it has to be fought by both sexes at the same level. He also recalled that gender discourse is supposed to be addressed to man, not only because he is the main actor concerned, but also the partner of woman on every aspect of life.

In a festive and enjoyable atmosphere, the ceremony closed with a reception bringing together men and women of the HACA, under the umbrella of equality.