HACA participates to the multilateral meeting on DTT frequency coordination in Geneva

Following the invitation of the Radiocommunication Bureau (RB) of the International Telecommunication Union, the High Authority for Audiovisual Communication (HACA) and the National Telecommunication Regulatory Agency (ANRT) took part, from 14th to 16th February 2017 in Geneva, in the multilateral meeting on DTT frequency coordination between Morocco, Algeria, France and Libya.

Moroccan delegation was composed of representatives of the HACA, M. Jamal Eddine NAJI, Director General of the Audiovisual Communication, Mrs. Mohamed HAMMOUDA, Director of Infrastructure and Technology Watch Department, Mohammed OUHADDOU and Oualid El Abbassi, senior executives in charge of frequency-planning in the same department, and representatives of the ANRT, Mr. DRISSI MELYANI Sidi Mohammed, Technical Manager, Ms. Fatiha ZERGANI, Chief of international frequency coordination division, and Ms. Hind ICHER senior executive.

Meetingís works were organized in bilateral coordination sessions that laid down the technical conditions for stations of each country to ensure their compatibility with stations of other countries. Morocco was specifically concerned with DTT frequency coordination with Algeria.

The spirit of cooperation that permeated the coordination work between Morocco and Algeria leaded to bilateral agreements on 188 frequencies out of the 193 presented, for Morocco, and 170 frequencies out of the 184 presented, for Algeria.

Following this meeting, the two countries agreed to pursue e-mail exchanges with a view to finalizing the coordination of 05 Moroccan frequencies and 13 Algerian stations left in abeyance, in compliance with procedures of the ITU, and through the coordination of the Unionís Radiocommunication Bureau (BR)